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Event Results

When the learner answers a question, we need to send a result with a score parameter to demonstrate if the question was answered correctly or not, we advise you also to mention the objective this answer is associated with. The API calls it an Event of type Result, that can be created using the following route:

Method : POST​
URL : HOST_URL/instances/{instance_id}/events

Here is a json input example:

"student_id": 3,​
"content_id": 4,
"objective_id": 15,​
"standard": "xAPI",​
"event_type": "EventResult",​
"payload": {
"actor": {
"mbox": "",
"objectType": "Agent"
"verb": {
"id": ""
"object": {
"id": "29d943ca-fb8f-4e85-ace4-cec8e157ba78",
"objectType": "ContentEvaluation"
"result": {
"score": {
"scaled": 1
"success": true
Standard Format

The preferred standard format is xAPI which is a new specification for learning technology that makes it possible to collect data about the wide range of experiences a person has (online and offline). More info on that can be found here - Link


A more detailed documentation on how to send events can be found here - Link