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How to evaluate the learner's mastery

The first step into a good adaptive learning experience is the assessment, this is accomplished thanks to our computerized adaptive testing algorithm (CAT) which will be sending question prompts to assess the learner's mastery level on the specified set of skills (i.e Objectives).

To receive a question for the learner's assessment, you can use the following route:

Method: GET​
URL: HOST_URL/instances/{instance_id}/recommendation_utils/computerized_adaptive_testing

Json input example:

"objective_id": 1,
"student_id": 3

The answer will look like the following:

"id": 5,
"uid": "question_5",
"name": "Question 5",
"knowledge_node_id": 3,
"content_url": "url"

You will then receive one question specifically tailored to assess the learner's mastery level on a specific skill (KnowledgeNode). You will need to repeat this call until no more question is sent, at that moment the student positioning is considered to be done and the mastery level is updated.


A more detailed documentation on how get the assessment questions can be found here - Link