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What content to recommend ?

When the assessment part is done, you can recommend learning ressources to the learner in order to help them improve their mastery level. To know what contents should be recommended for a specific user and learning objective, you can use the following route:

Method: POST
URL: HOST_URL/instances/{instance_id}/recommendation_utils/fetch_content_recommendations

Json input example:

"objective_id": 1,
"student_id": 3,
"recommendation_type": "Learning"

You will receive then a set of Recommendations with the recommended contents. The answer will look like the following:

"id": 2,
"student_id": 3,
"student_uid": "stud3",
"content_id": 7,
"content_uid": "cont7",
"objective_id": 4,
"objective_uid": "obj4",
"knowledge_node_id": 10,
"knowledge_node_uid": "eco10",
"confidence_score": 87,
"priority": 1,
"created_at": "2020-04-14T20:17:57.702Z",
"updated_at": "2020-04-14T20:17:57.702Z"

A more detailed documentation on how to get the reviews can be found here - Link