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When and what reviews should be done?

To know when reviews should be done and also which one, you can use the following route:

Method : POST
URL : HOST_URL/instances/{instance_id}/review_utils/fetch_reviews
Body :
"student_uid": "your_learner_uid"

The answer will look like the following:

"id": 97,
"student_id": 10,
"student_uid": "your_learning_uid",
"knowledge_node_id": 24,
"knowledge_node_uid": "kn_uid",
"content_id": 84,
"content_uid": "review_content_uid",
"content_url": null,
"content_type": "ContentQuestion",
"next_review_at": "2021-10-20T17:02:26.358Z",
"ci_before_next_review_at": "2021-10-19T23:37:06.650Z",
"ci_after_next_review_at": "2021-10-21T03:29:38.183Z",
"objective_ids": [
"objective_uids": [

A more detailed documentation on how to get the reviews can be found here - Link